Blue room (Room 01)
Blue room (Room 01) sleeps 4

Ideal for a family of 4. This blue and white room will make you feel crisp, clean and revitalised, whilst still enjoying a little view from the room.

Turquois room (Room 03)
Turquois room (Room 03) sleeps 3

Ideal for a couple sharing with 1 x child. This room will make you feel refreshed and hope to have a soothing effect on the body and mind.

Green room (Room 13)
Green room (Room 13) sleeps 3

This room will bring out the happiness in you, making you feel energized & joyful.

Red room (Room 02)
Red room (Room 02) sleeps 2

This cosy & charming room with its touch of red has space for you and a family member, friend or colleague sharing. Also perfect for extended family members.

Orange room (Room 12)
Orange room (Room 12) sleeps 2

Ideal for extended family members wanting to spend their time together but still enjoy a little bit of freedom & privacy.